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Videospot Marketing

Videospot MarketingYouTube Video Marketing Software Secrets Revealed

Today I’m taking a look at, and doing a review of a new video marketing / research software called Vidneos(Videospot Marketing).

What is VidNeos?

VidNeos is an all-in-one software solution (for PC and Mac) that can CREATE, RESEARCH, ANALYZE, TRACK and RANK your videos.

With VidNeos you have everything you need to not only create your videos but to rank them in YouTube and Google as well.

Install the software and in minutes you can create and publish your video with the (exact) tags, keywords, and even SEO structures your competitors are using.

Main Features of VidNeos

  • Find the right keywords to rank for and create your videos about. Easily find the high volume / low competition keywords for both YouTube and Google. And find the trending topics about your keyword in Google Trends to create a curated content video or to respond on the trending topic page with your (new) video.
  • Video Creation and YouTube upload tool. Upload your slides (images), add text and audio (record feature for voiceovers or background music) and save your project. Then export your video as mp4 and upload it to YouTube with one click.
  • Competition Analysis. Just enter your keyword and see all the stats about your competitors on YouTube (use keywwords in title, views, likes, comments, description, transcript Y/N, channel strength) and Google Search (Authority, # of Page Links, Juice Links, Domain, MozRank and Age). All fields have colors (green, orange, red) to indicate toughness to rank.
  • Niche Analysis. For every keyword find the exact demand score and competition level (again both on YouTube and Google).
  • Rank Tracking. Monitor your keyword ranking with this easy tool.
  • Rank Suggestion and Rank Spy (with Rank Scorer). Enter your title, description and tags and compare them with your competitors. Use the suggestions to increase your Rank Score and optimize your descriptive fields and tags.
  • Backlink Finder. Easy search for backlinks with high PR and “do follow” links (search for html, .edu, .gov, commentluv, guest blogs and web2.0 blogs). You can auto-submit your comments/backlinks per individual backlink. Or use the bulk backlink submitter (with spin functionality).

The software has an easy to use interface with red, yellow, orange, and green color coded data to let you analyze data and make decisions quickly.

So as you can see, VidNeos got more features than any other video marketing suite.

Watch the demo video below:



[vooplayer vooid=’ODUxMDQ=’ width=’670′ height=’390′]

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